2011 VSBA Meeting Pictures

Here's the part about volunteering which Sarah didn't mention when making the call for helpers! ;-) (She didn't know, really. See the surprise on her face?) The advance team (whoever could come) met with VSBA officers at the F'burg Hospitality House on May 24. We were treated to Lido Pizzas by the hotel's Sales & Catering Department! :-)
We really did work during the meeting. No. Really. Okay...not Walker. He had his mind on other things. :-)
At 10:30a. on Friday, June 17, volunteers met, unloaded and staged water and snacks we'd purchased in behalf of the VSBA. Here, President Irving West unloads the car as Secretary Sarah Broyles tries to help the Catering guy figure out whether the table configuration is going to work.
Vendors were already set up and selling all kinds of goodies! After last year's queenless debaucle in her garden hive, Pam Jewett-Bullock couldn't pass up buying a hybrid VSH Carniolan queen from the breeder at the next table over. (read that = she's become a queen-hoarder) :-)
Charles Bullock helps unpack and stage the Friday afternoon break snack supply.
After opening remarks by Ann Harmon (VSBA Pres Frank Walker had a family emergency, and Ann quickly stepped up to take on his duties...you know, kinda like the bees do things...no hoopla, no politicking, and it just works. :-) First presentation was a wonderful and entertaining talk on bee virology research by Dr. Humberto Boncristiani. Could have listened to him longer! It's a real gift to be able to get beekeepers to laugh about bee viruses! ;-)
Dr. Bonchristiani gave us some interesting insights on the Africanized Brazilian Honey Bee (also known as ABH) and its terrific disease resistance
Back in the Palm Room, Lindi Copeland attends her Po River Apiary products in an always-attractive display. If you haven't tasted her jabanero honey sauce...I'm just sayin'... :-)
Sue and Felix Lopez were on hand Saturday with Sue's own version of "31 flavors"...only hers is creamed honey. And is it good! Sue and Felix also sell candles, dusting powder and honey from their North Stafford hives.
I bought vanilla, but the chocolate was a best-seller for Sue and Felix Saturday; she says every crowd is different..some favor lemon, others chocolate or vanilla or pumpkin pie spice... Is there a BAD creamed honey?!