Certified Level Master Beekeeping Test Date Set!

Nuc PenthouseWe have set the date for the first Certified Level Master Beekeeper testing in Virginia for September 24! The seating is limited, so sign up quickly. The full information about the test and the curriculum can be found by clicking here. On this Saturday, we will have both the practical (hands on) and written testing. We do plan to hold the written testing (for both the Qualified and Certified levels) at the state meeting in November - the practical testing for that round will be scheduled at a later date.

This is the first step of many in implementing the Master Beekeeper Program for Virginia. This will round out the first sets of Certified and Qualified beekeepers in our ranks. Next year, we plan to outline the necessary steps for the final level of Master Beekeeper. Expect more news about these certifications in the future.