I live in the King William area; and, am just getting started in beekeeping and have 2 brood boxes, 1 top and 1 bottom. I have also purchased package bees; that I will pickup in April. Should I get a honey super at this time or wait?

Yes, buy one now. In fact, buy three. You should have a minimum of three supers available for your hive. Two supers are for you and one for the bees. It is not unusual for a package to fill at least one super with honey by the end of summer. It's a pretty safe bet that prices will increase next year. Why not buy cheap this year? If properly painted and stored they'll be there when you need them, this year or next. Besides, you are more likely to have free time before the bees arrive to assemble boxes and frames. You will want to have at least three supers per hive on hand for swarm management next year. Additional hive space, when timed properly, will reduce crowding and prevent swarming. Plan to leave one super on the hive through the winter. This will provide a good reserve supply of food for the bees to survive the cold. If they don't consume it during the winter you can always extract it the following spring. But, you don't want the bees to be caught short. The honey in the remaining two supers is yours to eat, give away, or sell.