Master Beekeeping Courses

On Monday, October 24, VSBA is sponsoring a FREE, one night seminar to provide an overview of the type of questions beekeepers should be familiar with if they are interested in taking the written test for the Qualified or Certified level for the Virginia Master Beekeeper Program. These tests will be given at the VSBA Fall meeting on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon after the VSBA meeting adjourns, whichever best suits your schedule.

The training seminar will provide an overview of the type of test questions beekeepers should expect to see at each level of testing and where the best study material is available.

The Qualified and Certified Testing review will be held at:

Northampton Community Center
1435-A Todds Lane
Hampton, Virginia 23666
(757) 825-4805

SCHEDULE [Monday, Oct 24]:
6:00 - 7:00 pm for the Qualified review.
7:15 - 8:45 pm for the Certified review.

The building closes promptly at 9 pm. To speed up the process, all questions will be answered outside the room by the beekeepers who took the Certified testing a few weeks ago.

All questions can be addressed by contacting:
Frank S. Walker
VSBA President