Where I can buy honey made within 50 miles of Richmond, Virginia, that is not pasteurized?

Honey is a super-saturated sugar product. The hydroscopic properties, acidic nature and other characteristics of honey make it resistant to many bacterial, and yeast, contaminates. Over time the sugar crystals will begin to drop out of solution and accumulate on the bottom of the container. The resulting higher water content will result in fermentation, which will ruin the honey. Pasteurization is conducted to reduce the crystallization rate of honey. Heating honey will re-suspend sugar crystals into solution. This reduces the occurrence of "seed" on which sugar crystals may form and grow. The heating process will also inactivate pollen grains contained in the honey. While there is no conclusive medical evidence to its benefit, many sufferers from hay fever request non-pasteurized honey to obtain relief from plant allergies.

There are two beekeeper associations that meet in the Richmond area. Both groups have beekeepers that sell honey. You should contact the presidents of the associations to obtain a current list of individuals with honey on hand for sale. Listing of the local associations is found on this website at virginiabeekeepers.org/association_map.htm