Will natural honey help my allergies?

Honey has been used by individuals throughout the generations to treat pollen allergies. Tolerance to pollen is believed to occur through ingesting small amounts of the allergens. This may provide some relieve to hay fever or pollen allergies through development. Honey bees are ideal pollen collectors. The number and structure of their body hairs make them highly efficient in pollen collection. Normally the pollen would be stored in individual cells of the honeycomb. However, small amounts of pollen will find its way into honey and the comb cappings. “Raw” or unprocessed honey, such as chunk or comb honey, usually contains viable pollen grains. A daily dose of this treat may provide your pet with the relief you desire. Be sure to purchase the honey from a local beekeeper. His or her honey will contain the pollen from the local flora. But, be warned, honey is also used by athletes for a quick energy boost. Don’t be surprised if you pet shows a bit more vigor after eating the honey. For information on local beekeepers contact an association near you. Listing of the local associations is found on this website at