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Nate is a founding member of the Fairfax Beekeepers where he has served for the last few years as President and is now turning that role over to others. He also serves as the treasurer for the Virginia Beekeeping Teaching Consortium (VBTC) a group that shares a similar curriculum with several other beekeeping clubs.

Nate helped develop the Fairfax Beekeepers group from a small group of about 15 new beekeepers to a tightly knit small club with about 150 members at present. He has taught beekeeping as part of the VBTC and assisted in the review and revisions of the curriculum. Locally Nate works with local Boy and Girl Scout troops to educate children about honey bees, pollination, and our native pollinators.

Nate has been keeping bees since 2015 and maintains between 10 and 20 hives depending on the season. He was taught by Pat and Jim Haskell. Nate spends most of my free time helping bee club members with their bees and bee problems, organizing club meetings, and learning more by continuing to explore the world of beekeeping. He is currently a Journeyman in the VSBA MB Program.

Nate would like to investigate the possibility of an umbrella insurance policy that beekeeping clubs could buy into to reduce the liability faced by clubs, especially in any public outreach or events with live bees. Currently it seems that every club has a very different policy. Nate is also interested in the possibility of programming two tracks at one of the VSBA meetings instead of one if there is interest. Overall Nate would like to investigate how local beekeeping clubs and the state beekeeping organization can best support each other.

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