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L.L. Langstroth Achievement Award

VSBA L.L. Langstroth Achievement Award Winners
  • 2004 Billy Davis
  • 2005 William “Art” Halstead
  • 2006 Lannie Ballard
  • 2007 Alan Blanks
  • 2008 Ronnie Henk
  • 2009 Gene Riddle
  • 2010 Bill Hartis
  • 2011 Robert Gibson
  • 2012 Ann Harman
  • 2013 Patricia and Jim Haskell
  • 2014 Michael Church
  • 2015 Paul Kist
  • 2016 Pamela M. Fisher
  • 2017 Karla Eisen
  • 2018 Richard Fell
  • 2019 Karen and Ken Hall
  • 2020
  • 2021 Martha Kiene
  • 2022 Phil Blevins
  • 2023 Kristine Smith

L.L. Langstroth Achievement Award


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L.L. Langstroth Achievement Award

Personal Information: contact information for nominee

Name of Nominee


Phone number

Email address

Nomination Statement: general statement of support

            Brief statement of why individual is being nominated, including overview of major accomplishments and contributions to Virginia beekeeping.

Beekeeping Experience: background in beekeeping


            Number of hives

            Education (i.e. EAS short course)

            Professional (i.e. pollination, swarm removal, package production)

            Other (i.e. Master-beekeeper, special skills such as queen rearing)

Beekeeping Association activities: membership and participation in local, regional, and national beekeeping organizations

            Association memberships

            Association service (i.e. committee membership, newsletter editor, media liaison)

            Industry service (i.e. EAS representative, Honey Board)

            Offices held (i.e. Executive offices, Committee chairs)

Beekeeper Service: participation in recruitment and education of beekeepers

            Organizing activities (i.e. establishing new group)

            Instructional programs (i.e. short course instruction, 4-H program development)

            Meeting presentations

            Journal articles

            Mentored beekeepers

Community Outreach: activities promoting beekeeping to the general public

            Educational displays (i.e. agricultural fairs, science fairs, nature museums)

            Media reports (i.e. newspaper, radio, TV)

            School programs

            Talks to non-beekeeper groups

Letters of Support: letters from individuals with personal knowledge of nominee’s experience and contributions to the beekeeping community

            Attach 2 letters of support from a beekeeper, association officer, apiary inspector, teacher, or other individual familiar with the contributions and achievements of the nominee.

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